The «FOODMAN» LLC is specialized in restaurant, catering & cleaning services with a long standing experience due to which we have been ranking among the best catering companies in Azerbaijan. Our company was founded in July, 2002 and operated under the name «KHAZRI-CCC» and in July 2014 the name of the company was changed to «FOODMAN» LLC. The «FOODMAN» LLC is local company, the founder and director of the company is Rasim Heybatli.

«FOODMAN» employs skilled and qualified staff and advanced technology, equipment and transport facilities for food delivery. We are ready to provide services in operational (kitchen) and servicing (dining hall) areas adhering to safety rules. Our company provides food delivery services and other facilities for parties, BBQ and banquet arrangements within the city and elsewhere.

The staff of our company is made of qualified specialists with special education in catering business, massive work experience and have for a long time been engaged in catering and cleaning services. The key of principle of «FOODMAN» is orientation to clients. Quality department of our company efficiently reacts to any incoming claims, comments and suggestions of each and every client.

Our company is always differed with its work and professionalism. No incident (food poisoning, contaminations etc.) occurred in our company from the date it founded up today and gained always sympathy of the customers. Also in 2007 «FOODMAN» LLC was awarded with the title «Company of the Year»

Within the resent years we have been rendering services to various local and foreign companies such as «HOLCIM OJSC», «NORM LLC», «Synergy Group», «Absheron Operations Company Limited», «Caspian Pipe Coatings JCS», «Kentech (Caspian) Limited»,«AMSCO»,«Wartsila Azerbaijan»,«Wartsila Finland OY»,«Keppel Fels», «ABB»,«SDL»,«Azfen-BM»,«IFES»,«MCG»,«BakiElektrikShebeke»,«Firuza»Business Center etc. Recommendations from the above mentioned companies is a good proof our qualified and high standard work and experience.

«FOODMAN» LLC’s approach is to work closely with our clients to create highly efficient, profitable and sustainable food and beverage business units.

«FOODMAN» LLC’s aims to provide a bridge between the strategic management goals of an organisation and ensure their successful integration and implementation within the food and beverage operations.


«FOODMAN» LLC’s approach is to work closely with our clients to create highly efficient, profitable and sustainable food and beverage business units. «FOODMAN» LLC’s aims to provide a bridge between the strategic management goals of an organisation and ensure their successful integration and implementation within the food and beverage operations.

To improve the well-being of food consumers by working with food providers to develop, manage and certify effective, user friendly and efficient quality and food safety assurance programs that:

Make every effort to eliminate the chances of providing food products that are a health risk to the food consumer

Strengthen, promote and protect the food provider’s brand and the food consumer’s satisfaction with its products by increasing the chances of providing food products that meet the food consumer’s quality expectations, and demonstrating to food consumers that the food provider cares about their well being

Are based on up-to-date scientific and regulatory knowledge, independent research, and objective, consistent and third party audit methodology

Are driven by principles of professional integrity, universal accessibility and moral responsibility to food consumers


To help our clients manage food and beverage operations to achieve the organisation’s strategic goals for efficiency, productivity, quality, profitability and most importunity, customer satisfaction.



Foodman LLC offers high quality catering services in Azerbaijan and foreign countries. Our service includes national and continental cousins and realizes in customers' own places and with delivery.



Foodman LLC offers high quality cleaning services in Azerbaijan and foreign countries. Our services comply with international standards and guidelines approved by the MSDS and chemical washing is carried out with high quality. Catering services, cleaning services as well as customer specific areas and sent in a specially equipped vehicles, special equipment and professional staff carried out.



The Azerbaijani cuisine has long won recognition both in the East and in Europe. It was written in ancient written sources by famous historians and travelers. The history of art to create recipes in Azerbaijan goes back centuries, is based on the vast experience of hereditary chefs are still present today. No wonder our country is famous as the land of centenarians. Scientists explain this phenomenon due to favorable climate, lifestyle, organic food and the principles of good nutrition. The most sophisticated gourmets who come to the country from around the world, have the taste and aroma refinement dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine. It is no secret that the culinary arts of Azerbaijan enjoy continued popularity. Exclusive Azerbaijani dishes - dolma, bozbash, bozartma, chikhirtma, khashil, piti, pilau govurma - are included in the national menu of numerous peoples of the Caucasus.



The cuisines of Western countries are diverse by themselves, although there are common characteristics that distinguish Western cooking from cuisines of Asian countries and others. Compared with traditional cooking of Asian countries, for example, meat is more prominent and substantial in serving-size. Steak and cutlet in particular are common dishes across the West. Western cuisines also put substantial emphasis on grape wine and on sauces as condiments, seasonings, or accompaniments (in part due to the difficulty of seasonings penetrating the often larger pieces of meat used in Western cooking). Wheat-flour bread has long been the most common source of starch in this cuisine, along with pasta, dumplings and pastries, although the potato has become a major starch plant in the diet of Europeans and their diaspora since the European colonisation of the Americas. Maize is much less common in most European diets than it is in the Americas; however corn meal (polenta or mămăligă), is a major part of the cuisine of Italy and the Balkans. Although flatbreads (especially with toppings such as pizza or tarte flambée), and rice are eaten in Europe, they do not constitute an ever-present staple. Salads (cold dishes with uncooked or cooked vegetables with sauce) are an integral part of European cuisine.

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